Thursday, April 29, 2010

Goals Are the Drive of Life

I just thought I could introduce myself a little bit since I'm new to the blog world :)

I'm Abby! Nice to [meet] you! I'm a mother, wife, and addicted to anything fun. Also, :)! If I have them all over the place in a post. Don't question me -- I'm a fun gal, I swear! 

About the name: 

When I became pregnant, my husband and I could not think of a name for our lovely new baby to join the world with us. Someone very intelligent, [cough cough] said, 

     "Hey, I'm A, you are a B.. why not C?"

And thats how it was born. The name that is ;)

Therefore, we are the ABC'S!

Like I said before, Nice to [meet] you! Hope you enjoy!

Goals for this year:

1: Obtain a full time job. -- I work for a local insurance company, however, my job is classified as temporary. I would love to work a full time career with benefits. Right now, I have none. I also work part time at Red Lobster as a server.

2: Lose the last bits of baby weight.. I'll admit it on here to hopefully help me lose it once and for all. 14 pounds is what I need to lose .. Tough times ahead of me .. :) I have weak knees for chocolate ..

3: Obtain followers!! I don't care if my blog is the best of the best, I just want people to be interested in what I write! :)

So far I don't see many people checking here, so I'd ask you all to say Hi! if you get a chance ..

Love to all


Friday, April 16, 2010

Better Late Than Never

I'm backkkk!!

First of all, I am really sorry it has taken me a few weeks to get back to you all.
My grandfather is really ill and he is sadly the only grandpa alive on my mom's side, however, my husband has most of his still. [Which is awesome, I love them all! Hi Guys!!]
So I have been dealing with all of that and not to sound rude and mean and selfish, but it is really tough to watch a person you've seen all your life be tough and strong, be so weak. He said the sweetest thing to his wife of 60 YEARS PEOPLE!

"I'm not scared of dying, I'm scared of leaving you."

For a man so strong and so weak, he really makes my heart melt.

Secondly, my baby celebrated her very first birthday! I had so much fun decorating and celebrating with her!!

All the stress was worth every second of it just to see her happy little face!