Friday, April 16, 2010

Better Late Than Never

I'm backkkk!!

First of all, I am really sorry it has taken me a few weeks to get back to you all.
My grandfather is really ill and he is sadly the only grandpa alive on my mom's side, however, my husband has most of his still. [Which is awesome, I love them all! Hi Guys!!]
So I have been dealing with all of that and not to sound rude and mean and selfish, but it is really tough to watch a person you've seen all your life be tough and strong, be so weak. He said the sweetest thing to his wife of 60 YEARS PEOPLE!

"I'm not scared of dying, I'm scared of leaving you."

For a man so strong and so weak, he really makes my heart melt.

Secondly, my baby celebrated her very first birthday! I had so much fun decorating and celebrating with her!!

All the stress was worth every second of it just to see her happy little face!

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