Thursday, April 29, 2010

Goals Are the Drive of Life

I just thought I could introduce myself a little bit since I'm new to the blog world :)

I'm Abby! Nice to [meet] you! I'm a mother, wife, and addicted to anything fun. Also, :)! If I have them all over the place in a post. Don't question me -- I'm a fun gal, I swear! 

About the name: 

When I became pregnant, my husband and I could not think of a name for our lovely new baby to join the world with us. Someone very intelligent, [cough cough] said, 

     "Hey, I'm A, you are a B.. why not C?"

And thats how it was born. The name that is ;)

Therefore, we are the ABC'S!

Like I said before, Nice to [meet] you! Hope you enjoy!

Goals for this year:

1: Obtain a full time job. -- I work for a local insurance company, however, my job is classified as temporary. I would love to work a full time career with benefits. Right now, I have none. I also work part time at Red Lobster as a server.

2: Lose the last bits of baby weight.. I'll admit it on here to hopefully help me lose it once and for all. 14 pounds is what I need to lose .. Tough times ahead of me .. :) I have weak knees for chocolate ..

3: Obtain followers!! I don't care if my blog is the best of the best, I just want people to be interested in what I write! :)

So far I don't see many people checking here, so I'd ask you all to say Hi! if you get a chance ..

Love to all



  1. Good job Abby. I will love following your Blog.

  2. Hi, Abby! I'm following your blog now! I'm new to blogging to and have a few that get neglected. Nice to "meet" you!! :)



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