Monday, May 17, 2010

Life Lately

Now I can give the update, my grandpa passed away Wednesday night.
I spoke to him three hours before and he responded.
I was the last person for him to ever acknowledge.
After a long and suffering battle, its over. I can't help but be happy its over, but sad he isn't here.
He was one of the greatest men I've ever met. Not to mention, until the day he passed, he was still madly in love with my grandma. Their love story makes my heart melt. I long for a love like theirs. It was 64 years in December.. Can you even imagine that?! :)

However, now that the memorial and visitiation has all gone on, now I can finally work on my blog that I've been trying so hard to start. It has just been a mess of things going on.

I'll let you know some things I've been doing so you don't think I've been lazy and grieving this past week:

*Strawberry Rhubarb Jelly ~ In the CROCK POT! < -- anyone who knows me, knows I LOVE my crock pot! And my crock pot loves me!
*Baby Girl Hair Bow Hanger
*Rocking Chair for Baby C
*Painting Picture Frames -- you'll see soon :-)
*-Tomorrow I'm making Potato Soup in the crock pot!
*Recovering a diaper wipe case
*Tutu for the darling Baby C
*Quick Candle Redo
*What to do with an ugly vase

Ok -- so see -- I've been busy! I promise! Not to mention I work a full time job, have 2 children - 1 is Baby C and 1 is my husband ;)

So -- There you have it!


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