Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Strawberry Rhubarb Jally

So I did it. I did what everyone looked at me crazy for.
I made jelly/jam in the crock pot Sunday night.

It looks so pretty here too! I am one proud lady!
Sadly, I did not take an after picture.
But I based my recipe off of this link, [hope that link worked..] [btw -- this lady made me fall in lurrrrveee with my crock pot. So much so, I got THREE for Christmas!]
I've even made homemade yogurt in my crock pot because of this woman.
If I ever meet her, besides being giddy, I would be one estatic lady!

By the way -- whats the difference between jelly and jam?
I'm not sure of the "technical stuff" so it'll be called "jally"

Anyways, on to the good stuff --
I used:

3 containers of strawberries, quartered
about-- 5 rhubarb stalks
3 cups of sugar
1 package of "sure jell" pectin [to thicken]
lemon zest
orange zest

I added the first three ingredients, a splash of water, cooked it on high for a few hours, realized it was too "soupy", bought sure jell, added more sugar, and the sure jell. Decided I needed to use that lemon and it would add a good tartness, I grated some in it.. then I thought - Hey an orange! Why not?!
So I did. I cooked it on high for a few more hours .. about 6 total. I turned it on low.. My husband then turned it on off 3 hours later. When I woke up in the morning - wa-la! Jally!
I ate it on my toast in the morning.
It had the right about of sweetness and tartness.
And I did it all by myself. Basically.


  1. This would be a jam. The difference between jam and jelly is that jelly generally uses fruit juice and not fruit chunks. Jam usually has big chunks of fruit in it.

  2. Ahh!! That's what is is! Thank you dear! :) It is a jam then ;)


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