Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Show and Tell Tuesday!

I don't know about you, but I've had an itch to post. 
So I am. Right now.
That was a picture of my little girl helping with her Father's Day present .. So sweet. 
We [as in B & C and I] went garage sale shopping a few weeks ago. We were on a mission for an end table. I found one, decent, we made our first stop about 90 minutes into driving shopping. I ran up to the table thinking I just scored a deal! $80.00 that was not a deal. But I did find this beaut and my little munchkin was begging for attention outside of the car.. then the woman told me her Mother In Law brought this from Europe and the Mother in Law has the same name as my mom, I didn't have the heart to bargain and I bought it for $15. Probably not worth it, although my little girl loves it. And I love her. 

I made this a few months ago, and now that I look at the picture -- there's apparently a strand that didn't want to be like all the rest. Hummrrr. I'll fix it later.
None the less. I love it! 

This picture is after sitting in a car for an hour with the windows down and it being hot and humid outside.
Needless to say, I made that! 

A friend of mine had a baby girl so I made these for her. A wipes case and a hair bow holder complete with the little girls name :) 

There you have it! 


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Homecoming- -!!

My Mr. B is coming home soon! I now know why Ginny didn't get the chance to post often -- she was too busy. As am I. I had ONE day off of work during the two week vaca from my hubby. With a little one at home to take care of, I am very tired, getting sick, and worn out. 
But I don't get a break until next week. You see, he is to arrive home in two days -- the day after is Father's Day, the day after that -- is my parents 30th Wedding Anniversary -- not to mention I work Monday through Friday at my day job. 
No fear.
I'm tough ;) 

However, I did do lots of things while I was "away"
For instance, I redid something in EVERY room of our apartment. Well except the laundry room. I take that back, I did the laundry. So I cleaned it ;) But there has been a project for every room and you will see once hubby is back and I'm feeling better. 
I also will show you my super duper adorable fathers day present and hopefully the present to my parents [cross your fingers] will turn out a-okay. 

And I started making freezer meals!-!-!!!! 
Chicken Cheesy Enchiladas
Mexican Cheesy Rice
Baked Ziti
Hamburgers - not a meal but at least a start .. 
And I will be attempting Crock Pot Lasagna tomorrow :-) 

And now I will leave you with a picture of my darling girl on a date with Mommy and Daddy to the park

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Am I the only one with the problem where I cannot follow anyone else and cannot see who follows me?!

This is so annoying!

Any suggestions -- please let me know!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Oh - Oh - It's Magic ..

I recently went on a trip with Mr. B to Joann's .. oh how I could spend hours at Joann's .. 
Sadly -- he was in a "hurry" -- so I took my time :) Hahaha, not really. But I walked along an aisle and found a package of reeds for 97 cents! I kinda knew it was meant to be. Right then and there I knew I would create something "magical" with it. And love it. 

And it was so easy! 

Reeds -found in the fake flower section
Hot glue and gun
Scissors, Exact-o knife, wire cutters -- something sharp

1 - Its super easy -- measure your reeds to about a 1/4 inch longer than the candle. Cut. [the wire cutters worked best, however, they aren't pictured] And repeat. I made mine to various lengths. Not only did I think it would look better -- but I'm not that good at straight lines ;) 

2 - Start gluing around your candle with the reeds. Be careful since the glue will make the candle melt. Just relax. It'll be fixed and you won't even see it! 

3 - I glued several together at a time, in bunches of 10-15 and let it dry in the mold of the candle. I then glued the reeds together -- around -- the candle. And tied with twine. Wa-la. It's magic.

The Girl Creative

Saturday, June 5, 2010

June 5th, 2010

I just thought I could share a little about myself. 

I work two jobs, have one darling [almost] 14 month old, and a wonderful husband in the military. 
Tomorrow he leaves for two weeks. And it seems like forever to me.

Last year he left for 8+ months and I saw him 3 days out of that.. Not to mention he saw our daughter 3 days out of the 8+ months. 

Before he left, I went in for a 6 week check up. My doctor found something weird, took a biopsy. My husband left a week ago knowing nothing. I had no answers for him. When he left, we were not able to contact each other [he went to his training] I will never forget the conversation I had with him one of the first times I got to talk to him. I put Baby C down on a blanket and sat in her rocking chair and told him what the doctors had found out, I was diagnosed with Stage 3 pre-cancer. 

Being in the Army, you do not cry.  We were on the phone 3 or 4 minutes and he got off saying, "I've gotta go. I love you. Bye." I could hear the tears being choked back. 

Our daughter was 8 weeks old at that point. I was going back and forth between doctors trying to find the best thing to do. Worried that I would never be able to see my child turn one, say I love you, or worst of all, never see my husband again -- we opted for surgery. 
I had surgery when our daughter was 12 weeks old. I will never forget that morning. It was a Friday. My mom, dad, and daughter went with me. The hardest thing I ever had to do was lay in that bed getting prepped for surgery, not knowing if I would come out of it to see my baby wake up for the morning. She wore a purple sleeper that had green prince charming frogs on it. She laid in her stroller as I kissed her good-bye and I will see you later. 

The surgery went very good. I am healed and it is in Stage 1. I do not talk about my surgery or the time that I was alone because it isn't easy to think about. 
Although I made it and I am now stronger than ever, with my husband leaving again tomorrow makes me worry that bad news will happen again. I do not think that it will, however, it is in the back of my mind of what happened last time he left.