Saturday, July 24, 2010

Party Party Partyyyy!

You're invited to one very special little girl's first birthday party. 
When: Now  
[It was April 10th....]
Where: Here 
[It was at my parents house]
RSVP: Or just leave a comment. I love comments. 
[We had family and friends]

The birthday girl herself 
[We had her pictures taken for her first birthday destroying a cake. It was so fun! Even if she hated it ... :0)]

 Her invite
 [I took this picture from 1st Wishes  but actually bought them somewhere else. I cropped the picture and put some of her info on there as well :)]

Her tutu that I made for her -- On the front I ironed on a cupcake and on the back I ironed on a "1"
[I may or may not have also placed a crown on her head ..]
A few more pictures of her with it on .. I just can't get enough of her!
Her cake, made to look like her invite.
Stunning isn't it?! 
My supervisor at my day job made it .. She is fantastic at cakes!
The only picture I have of her semi digging in. 
She is such a girl some days :0) Not that I would change that .. 
 This is the only picture I have of her table, after the party. In the corner is a stand with pictures of her from birth to a year. 
And those balloons were the biggest pain I've ever had to deal with! 
We ordered some from a local grocery floral shop the night before, when we got them home, within a few hours they were dead..deflated like never before. 
The next morning I called HyVee and ordered a ton of balloons and paid way to much for them. 
But they look great and I'm not complaining .. Just my wallet was :0) 

That cake that was in the bottom corner of the previous picture .. there it is :0) 
My mom's birthday is 2 days after Miss C.
We surprised her with that cake. It was fantastic! 

I didn't edit this photo since it slightly shows her cupcakes I made. 
Chocolate cupcakes with Peanut Butter icing 
[Purple] Vanilla cupcakes with Vanilla icing 

The peanut butter ones were gone within minutes and may or may not have been a fight over them. 

Also on the menu:
BBQ Meatballs
Taco Dip
Veggie Tray
Caramel Pecan Apple Dip
Raspberry Lemonade
Sweet Tea 
and Kool-Aid for the little ones of course :0) 

Her birthday went fantastic! She had a lot of fun and was of course a hit with her tutu! 

Thank you to everyone who helped celebrate our special day! 

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  1. LOOOVVVVEEEE everything about this birthday party!!! Happy B-Day to your little one! I love the cupcake cake! Makes me wish for a little girl! I have a beautiful 4 year old son, so I am up to my ears in Batman, Spiderman, and Power Rangers!!!! Love your blog! Just became a follower!


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