Monday, July 5, 2010

Problem Vs. Solution

Once upon a time there was a beautiful little girl. 

Meet Miss C. Or as her mother and father call her, 
Punkin, Squirt, and Charly, sometimes even her legal name, Charlotte.
Her mommy put her to sleep one night while daddy was at work at a local restaurant. 
Mommy did the dishes and finished some laundry while waiting on Daddy to come home. When he arrived she greeted him at the door for a quick smooch-a-roo. He promptly got into the shower.
At this time, Mommy checked on Miss C.

She opened the door and this awful smell greeted her immediately. 
She checked on Miss C. All seemed well at first glance. Then she saw it. 
Her dirty diaper was under her body. And not on her body.
Mommy walked out of the room and waited on Daddy to get done. 
From there on out, no more sleeping in a t-shirt for Miss C. 
Even if it is hot and Mommy and Daddy don't want the air on at night. 
No more.

Meet The Problem:

Meet The Solution: 

All that Mommy did was sew on velcro to the top and bottom of her jammies. 
Now they are unable to be taken off and therefore the diaper taken off. 
And no more presents for Mommy and Daddy to clean.

I should also say, that I went out and bought her two more set of jammies and my mom and I have attached snap buttons to them. Velcro just works for now until she's able to figure that out :-) 

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