Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Tutorial Tuesday!

Here is my very first tutorial. So bear with me please.  
Thanks :) 

I got the boredom bug the other night and decided that silver bangle, needed to change a bit. 
I did this all on a whim and now, I would change a few things. 
But imperfections, make it perfect. 

What you need:
A bangle, Mod Podge, Clothespin, Rotary Cutter [my favorite thing] and multiple kinds of fabric, and a hot glue gun. Possibly bad lighting for pictures as well ... but who is really counting :0)

Cut the base fabric into a strip.. 
Like so

Glue on one tip with the hot glue gun, hold in place with clothespin
and start wrapping

Then cut other colors of fabric and make roses

Such as those three 

This is the step I would change.

I covered mine in mod podge. However, the next day it was hard as a rock and slightly hurt getting on. 
I'd suggest just gluing and forgetting the sealant. 

After making the roses, glue onto your bangle and consider yourself the new owner of one very custom, very good looking bracelet.


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  1. Pretty bracelet & a cute project!
    Stopping by from Get Your Craft On Tuesday to say hi & check out your project.

  2. Very cool I like bright chunky jewelry to brighten up my drab clothes.

  3. I love rosette bracelets! This is beautiful! I am featuring this at somedaycrafts.blogspot.com

  4. Too stinkin' cute! I see a project in my future.
    Congrats on the feature at Someday Crafts!!!


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