Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Motivation .. ?!

Okay let's be honest -- way back when I first started this blog I made goals. And here I am not doing a single one of them! 
Well I take that back, the weight part, I've been losing. Wanna know how?
I know you do. 
Water. Is. My. Friend. 

I have coffee in the morning - I'm a mom. I need it. Can't give it up. Ever. I tried this people. I was cranky. Talk to my husband if you do not believe me. And I try really hard not to drink pop. 

And I have -stopped- eating out that much. My husband seems to believe, if it ain't fast - it ain't food motto. I believe, if its not home made, its not that healthy all the time. So now, I have begun to write a menu up in the beginning of the week for what's for dinner. And I'm a huge fan of freezer meals! I bake on weekends too so we normally have a fresh loaf of bread on Monday mornings. [yesterday was Lemon Bread .. mmmm! I'll post that recipe sometime!]  
At my full time job, we have a walking room so on my breaks I get up from the computer and walk and it feels great. I did a class of kickboxing and went running/walking with my MIL. However, this past week the motivation went downhill quickly and I'm sipping on an Orange Fanta and I made brownies yesterday. Yes, I too have days like that. However, I am posting this today - that I am making a schedule to begin running. I really would like to wake at 5 am [!! what am I thinking !!] but to go running/walking in the morning for an hour then come home and shower and all that jazz. I would love to work up to that routine. And I said it here so that means I have to do it .... Eeek!

Pump me up and motivate me? :0) If you too have trouble keeping motivated, I'd love to help you out. Keep you pumped - you keep me pumped. New blog buddy? Anyone looking? :0)

On other news, my husband got a full time position at a local Armory in town which is the best news I've heard lately. It was fantastic to be told that today. Yahoo! Go Mr B! :o)

And my followers keep going up and up and up! 

You rock! 

Much love,

Miss A

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  1. I am addicted to pop as well! Your post has inspired me to try and give up my 4x a day diet coke habit!! I also wanted to let you know that I have a Sunshine Award for you! Your blog is inspiational and motivational! I enjoy coming by for a visit each week! You can copy and share the award with others who inspire you by going here-
    Will be visiting again soon! Good luck on reaching 100 followers!


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