Monday, August 16, 2010

Sun [Oven] Dried Tomatoes

I have a quick & easy recipe to try out. I've done this for a few years now and every time it turns out wonderful! It is also an easy way to use up all the tomatoes that are beginning to produce this time of year. My mom sent me home with a bag full as well as my in-laws sent us home with a few.

Sun [Oven] Dried Tomatoes

Slice up the tomatoes into quarters in a bowl

Pick out your seasonings, I used [as pictured] oregano, italian seasoning, sea salt, and basil. I also put some oil on them to keep from sticking to my pan and rack.
That looks like quite a lot, but it really wasn't.
There are a lot of tomatoes there!
Arrange them on your cleanest dirty stained pan you own with a wire rack on top, as pictured.
That pan was a gift and within a few weeks my roommate I had, baked something on it and never washed it. There went the shiny to my new pans. However, they still work and I use silicone to bake with most of the time :)
Put them in the oven on the lowest setting above warm, mine was 200 degrees as the lowest so I put mine between warm and 200.
I put them in the oven on a Saturday evening, set the timer for 10 hours! When we woke up for church they weren't to the doneness I wanted. So I let them "dry" more. When we got home 2 hours later they were to perfection.

I put mine into a bowl with oil and tightly covered in the fridge. I'll be making a crock pot Sun Dried Tomato Pasta Sauce so stay tuned for it!

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