Sunday, November 13, 2011

Anyone Else??

I thought I'd start posting more (ha! Cause seldom isn't here or anything?!)

Wanna hear what's gone on in my life lately?!

Well, I got divorced. Married almost 2 years. I think people look at that "word" as failure rather than, I gave it all I had but all I had didn't give me. That make sense? In other words, somethings just aren't meant to be. There for a while days were tough but I think I've became a stronger and better person because of it all.

My beautiful Grandma also passed away. Watching her slowly fade away was/still is the worst thing to go through. She passed away on a Wednesday night. Earlier that week, Monday, I had found out I just got a new home for my daughter and I -- No more sharing a room with my child in my parents home! (Don't get me wrong -- I do love my parents and forever owe them!) That Wednesday I had also bought my very own brand new furniture set .. Ah .. Love. I felt like I was on cloud 9. Things were going so well for me. I also had bought a new car that month too! Yahoo! Then my Grandma passed away. I moved the next day. I'm not sure I ever got to fully grieve her loss. She taught me the many beautiful things about life.

My cupcake business really took off right after she passed away. At first it was one or two orders here and there.. Then it became three to four dozen .. to five and six dozen. Now it seems nothing to have five orders in one week of a few dozen a piece. I actually had a weekend off this past weekend -- that never happens! Ha! However, I could not be prouder of myself!

Speaking of proud -- I made a goal to lose 10 pounds. Not because I consider myself overweight but because my "fat" jeans were becoming my "skinny" jeans and at $100 a pop -- I'm not buying me new "fat" jeans.  Because my shirts, don't need to look like they have built in tires around the waist. And because my daughter deserves to have a mommy proud of how she looks. Somedays I would walk by a mirror and not look at myself. That's an awful feeling to have. Onto the wonderful part, I'm down 6 pounds :o) Only 4 more to go!

So -- anything new with you?